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S. S. Mody Kids Kingdom has a separate building known as Pre-Primary wing and it has its separate Incharge (headmistress), mother teachers, attendants & supporting staff.

This wing is the child's first step to the world of quality education. Kindergaten is about introducing children to the very basics of education full of activities & playway method of learning.This unique centre for young students focusses more on expansion of mind's horizon, physical development, emotional & social caring above all to create love for learning.

Children between the age group of three to seven years are admitted on the ground of their age group, understanding level & performance in the previous class. 

Kids' Kingdom of our school is a unique centre of learning. Children are provided all the platforms to display their skills & tallents and to engage them, create love for learning, story-telling, audio-video classes, kids park, libraray, games which make their stay meaningful & enjoyable.


The primary section of the school is headed by a co-ordinator who supervises all the classes from third to fifth and implements all the curriculum and its completion on time, organizing tests, projects, activities, field work, tour etc. Students are more focussed to language building, logical & mental Maths, ICT literacy, General awareness apart from sports activities. They are provided good number of periods for library, art & craft, music & dance and other activities. They are also provided regular periods for performing arts- theatre, drama/skit.



The  The secondary section of the school is led by the academic co-ordinator who takes care of classes sixth to tenth. This section is very important for all the stakeholders of the school as it  proves to be a decisive in the life of students what discipline to be chosen. Here students are more organised & focussed to the subject of their interest & later they pursue and make their career. The co-ordinator & teachers collectively monitor their all round growth not only in academics but also in non-academics.  



Sr. Secondary

Senior secondary section is devided of three streams, each headed by Incharge, HOD & fully supported by faculty of the streams. Science, Commerce & Arts streams are headed by the senior most PGT's who care all the sections of all streams & monitor completion of syllabus, organizing tests, practicals & projects, seminars of workshops, visits and excursions. Organizing of PTM, information of students' performance to parents/guardians, activities in sports & CCA for seniors, exhibition etc are taking care by the head of departments.   


Co-curricular Activities:

It is important that a child is groomed holistically. The school focuses not only on academic development of the child but also offers rich and creative co-curricular programs. This is an integral part of the school curriculum. SSMVV has created a very diverse culture of Dance (classical, semi-classical and folk; both Indian and Western), Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Art and Craft, Theatre, Public Speaking, Cryptography and other literary activities to nurture the talents of the students. Formation of diffrent clubs as per CBSE guidelines is done & all the activities are conduted under the banner of respective club to which activity belongs to. Leadership program for students is provided through Students' Council & House Council.


The school offers the curriculum based on National Council for Education, Research and training (N.C.E.R.T.) and follows the guidelines prescribed by CBSE. It offers nationally and internationally acclaimed curriculum to Pre- Primary, Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary sections.

It offers the following subjects at 10 +2 level:

(A)  Science Stream

(i) Medical, PCB Group- English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Optional – Physical Education, Information Practices, Computer Science, Multi- Media & Web Technology, Painting, Fine Art, Music, Hindi & English Literature and Mathematics (any one/ two)

 (ii) Non- Medical, PCM Group- English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Optional- Physical Education, Information Practices, Multi- Media & Web Technology, Painting, Fine Art, Music, Hindi & English Literature, Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology (any one/ two)

(B) Commerce Stream-English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics Optional- Physical Education, Information Practices, Computer Science, Mathematics,Multi- Media & Web Technology, Painting, Fine Art, Music, Hindi & English Literature (any one/ two)

(C) Arts StreamEnglish Core/ Literature, Hindi Core/ Literature, History, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Economics, Painting, Fine Art, Computer Science, Multi-Media & Web-Technology, Music, Physical Education…

Exams Details


Tentative School Calendar – 2019-20

Academic – Session 2019 – 2020

Primary, Secondary & Senior Secondary Section

(Groups- III – XII)


N.B. Kindly refer to page no. 05 for exams, tests & PTMs schedule.


Months/Dates               Activities /Events                                                         Group


02.04.19 (Tuesday)        New Academic Session (2019-20) Commences

                                       Formal Welcome & Address by Principal

06.04.19 (Saturday)       World Health Day Celebration (Morning Assembly)

13.04.19 (Saturday)       Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti Celebrations (Morning Assembly)

                                         Seminar and Quiz Contest    

                                      Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (Morning Assembly Speech)

17.04.19 (Wednesday)   Mahavir Jayanti

18.04.19 (Thursday)      World Heritage Day Celebration (Morning Assembly)

                                      Historical Place Visit                                                   XI-XII Arts

22.04.19 (Monday)        Know about the Earth & facts (Earth’s Day)

                                       (Celebrations in Morning Assembly)

                                       Inter House Poster Making (Earth & Heritage)

22-27.04.19 (Mon-Sat)  English Week Celebration (Morning Assembly)

27.04.19 (Saturday)       English Skit Competition (Inter House Competition)




11.05.19 (Saturday)       Card Making Activity for Mother’s Day

                                      Collection of Assignments/ H.W. for Summer Vacations

13.05.19 (Monday)        Mother’s Day Celebration

Summer Vacation starts for students

14.05.19 (Tuesday)        Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony

15.05.19 (Wednesday)   Summer Vacation for Teachers begins



01.06.19 (Saturday)       Skills Development month (Join hobby classes)                      Open

summer camp begins for all.. activities include (Dance &

Music (Indian & Western, Vocal & Instrumental) Art &

Craft, Clay Modeling, Paper Mache Art, Pot Decoration,

Flower Making, Gift Packing, Paper-Craft, Drawing &

Painting, Collage, Fabric, Glass & Emboss painting,

Sports Classes – Badminton, Tennis, T.T., Skating,

Football, Volley-ball, Cricket, Basket Ball, Taekwondo,

Karate, Judo, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho etc.

Spoken Classes (English) Personality Development,

Gardening, Calligraphy, Cooking, Ice-Cream making

and many more attractive events.


15.06.19 (Saturday)       Summer Camp’s Closing       

15.06.19 (Saturday)       Teacher’s reporting Day after Summer Vacation

19.06.19 (Wednesday)   School Re-opens after Summer Vacation

21.06.19 (Friday)           International Yoga Day Celebration, Yog, Seminar, Lectures etc.

29.06.19 (Saturday)       House Meeting



01.07.19 (Monday)        Van Mahotsav Celebration (Morning Assembly)

                                       Plantation of Saplings group wise

                                       Social Science Week Celebration (Morning Assembly)

06.07.19 (Saturday)       Quiz based on Social Science,  Debate (History & Culture)

11.07.19 (Thursday)      World Population Day Celebration (Morning Assembly)

13.07.19 (Saturday)       Making Collage (History & Cultural) Housewise Competition

19.07.19 (Friday)           Mangal Pande Jayanti (Morning Assembly Speech)

20.07.19 (Saturday)       Mock Parliament/ Debate (History & Cultural)

23.07.19 (Tuesday)        Chandra Sekhar Aajad Jayanti (Morning Assembly Speech)

26.07.19 (Friday)                     Kargil Victory Day Celebration (Morning Assembly)

27.07.19 (Saturday)       World Nature Conservation Day Celebration

31.07.19 (Wednesday)   Munsi Premchand Jayanti (Morning Assembly Speech)




01.08.19 (Thursday)      Investiture Ceremony (Oath Taking for School- Prefects)    III-XII

03.08.19 (Saturday)       Inter-House Competition (Debate)                                    IX-XII

                                      Bal Sabha, Story Telling Competition (Hindi/English)    III-VIII

05.08.19 (Monday)        Sanskrit Week Begins

09.08.19 (Friday)           Quit India Day & Nagasaki Day Cel. (Morning Assembly)

12.08.19 (Monday)        Id-Ul-Juha Holiday

15.08.19 (Thursday)      Independence Day Celebration

                                      Raksha Bandhan

                                      Fancy Dress Competition (Freedom Fighters)                  Open

                                      Housewise Group Dance Competition

16.08.19 (Friday)           Sanskrit Week Ends

Inter House Competition (Sanskrit Quiz/ Shlok Vachan/ Subhashitani)

24.08.19 (Friday)           Krishna Janmashtami (Holiday)      

26.08.19 (Monday)        National Sports week begins

31.08.19 (Saturday)       National Sports week ends (Sports Activities)




02.09.19 (Monday)        Ganesh Chaturthi (Holiday)                            

05.09.19 (Thursday)      Teacher’s Day Celebration     

07.09.19 (Saturday)       International Literacy Day (Morning Assembly)

                                       Essay Writing Competition                                           Open

09.09.19 (Monday)        Hindi Week begins

10.09.19 (Tuesday)        Moharram (Holiday)


14.09.19 (Saturday)       Hindi Diwas (Hindi Debate House wise)

                                       Hindi Week ends

                                      Hindi Skit Competition House wise                                 

                                      Hindi Creative Writing

27.09.19 (Friday)           Classical Feasta- Solo Dance Competition                       VI-XII

World Tourism Day

28.09.19 (Saturday)       Bhagat Singh Jayanti (Morning Assembly Speech)

                                       Solo Song Competition Housewise                                 





02.10.19 (Wednesday)   Gandhi Jayanti & Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti (Holiday)

04.10.19 (Friday)           World Animal Day

07-08.10.19 (Mon-Tue) Dussehra (Holiday)

11.10.19 (Friday)           International Girls’ Day (Morning Assembly)

13.10.19 (Sunday)                   Shri Satyanarayan Mody Birth Day

                                      All India English Declamation Comp. 2018

14.10.19 (Monday)        Science Week Begins

15.10.19 (Tuesday)        Newton’s Hour (Science Quiz)         

                                      Abdul Kalam Birthday as World Students day (Science Exhibition)

19.10.19 (Saturday)       Science Week Ends

23.10.19 (Wednesday)   Annual Function (Tentative)

24.10.19 (Thursday)      Deepawali Break Begins

31.10.19 (Thursday)      Deepawali Break Ends





01.11.19 (Friday)           School Reopens after Deepawali Break

04.11.19 (Monday)        Technology Week Begins (Computer)

12.11.19 (Tuesday)        Guru Nanak Jayanti (Morning Assembly)

14.11.19 (Thursday)      Children’s Day Celebration

16.11.19 (Saturday)       Technology Week Ends (Computer)                              III-VIII

20.11.19 (Wednesday)   International Children’s Day

23.11.19 (Saturday)       Guru Teg Bahadur Balidan Diwas (Morning Assembly)

                                      Poster Making - Housewise Competition

*                                     Tour/ Excursion/ Picnic Slot

Soft Board Decoration Theme– Childhood

Management & Parents Meet

                                      Agenda – Suggestion / Expectations/ Any other



02.12.19 (Monday)        Maths Week Begins (Making of Models)

04.12.19 (Wednesday)   Dr. Rajendra Prasad Birthday Celebration (Morning Assembly)

05.12.19 (Thursday)      National Mathematics Day Celebration (Morning Assembly)

07.12.19 (Saturday)       Maths Week Ends (Quiz based on Maths)

10.12.19 (Tuesday)        World Human Right Day

14.12.19 (Saturday)       House Meeting

16.12.19 (Monday)        Annual Sports Meet Begins

21.12.19 (Saturday)       Annual Sports Meet Ends

25.12.19 (Wednesday)   Christmas (Holiday)

30.12.19 (Monday)        Winter Break Begins

                                      Soft Board Decoration Theme– Christmas





January 2020

02.01.20 (Thursday)      Winter Break Ends

03.01.20 (Friday)           The school reopens after Winter Break

                                       Assembly Topic - Know about your motherland

04.01.20 (Saturday)       Pre - Guru Govind Singh Jayanti

                                      NRI Day Celebration (Morning Assembly)

09.01.20 (Thursday)      World Laughter Day Celebration (Morning Assembly)

14.01.20 (Tuesday)        Makar Sakranti (Holiday)

15.01.20 (Wednesday)   Army Day

18.01.20 (Saturday)       Junior Dance Competition (Housewise)

23.01.20 (Thursday)      Netaji S.C. Bose Jayanti Celebration (Morning Assembly)

25.01.20 (Saturday)       Indian Tourism Day

26.01.20 (Sunday)                   Republic Day Celebration (Jr. Group Dance Competition)

29.01.20 (Wednesday)   Vasant Panchami Celebration (Morning Assembly)

30.01.20 (Thursday)      Martyr’s Day Celebration (Morning Assembly)






February 2020

18.02.20 (Tuesday)        Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti Celebration

21.02.20 (Friday)           Maha Shivratri (Holiday)

27.02.20 (Thursday)      Chandrasekhar Azad Sahadat Diwas

28.02.20 (Friday)           National Science Day Celebration (Morning Assembly)



March 2020

09.03.20 (Monday)        Holika Dahan (Holiday)

10.03.20 (Tuesday)        Dhulandi (Holiday)

23.03.20 (Monday)        Shahadat Diwas (Morning Assembly)

--------------                      Purchasing of Books and other Stationeries

30.03.20 (Monday)        Results/ Answer sheets are displayed for parents.



April, 2020

01.04.20 (Wednesday)   New Academic Session (2020-21) Commences







Months/Dates    Examinations/Academics                                                   Group

06.05.19               Major Test/ FA-I Begins                                                                     Nur- XII

11.05.19               Major Test/ FA-I Ends

15.05.19               PTM on Major Test/ FA-I                                                       Nur-XII

05.08.19               Major Test/ FA-II Begins                                                                  Nur-XII

10.08.19               Major Test/ FA-II Ends

17.08.19               PTM on Major Test/ FA-II                                                      Nur-XII

31.10.19               Syllabus completion of classes XII Sci., Com & Arts             (Std. XII)

11.11.19               Half Yearly/ SA-I Begins                                                                  Nur-XII

15.11.19               XII Preboard – I Begins                                                           XII

15.11.19               Syllabus completion                                                                (Std. X)

20.11.19               Half Yearly/ SA-I Ends                                                           Nur-XII

26.11.19               XII Preboard – I Ends                                                             XII

30.11.19               PTM on Half Yearly/ SA-I/Preboard - I                                  Nur-XII

02.12.19               XII Preboard – II Begins                                                                   XII

14.12.19               XII Preboard – II Ends                                                            XII

16.12.19               X Preboard – I Begins                                                             X

16.12.19               Major Test/ FA-III Begins                                                       Nur-XII

21.12.19               Major Test- III/ FA-III Ends                                                    Nur-XII

24.12.19               X Preboard – I Ends                                                                X

28.12.19               PTM on Preboard – II, I & Major Test - III                                      Nur-XII

02.01.20               XII Preboard – III Begins                                                                  XII

                             X Preboard – II Begins                                                            X

02.01.20               XII Preboard – III Ends                                                           XII

06.01.20               XII Preboard – IV Begins                                                        XII

09.01.20               PTM on Preboard – III                                                            XII

10.01.20               X Preboard – II Ends                                                              X

15.01.20               PTM on Preboard – II                                                             X

15.01.20               Syllabus completion                                               (Std. III to IX & XI)

16.01.20               X Preboard – III Begins                                                           X

27.01.20               XII Preboard – IV Ends                                                          XII

                             X Preboard – III Ends                                                             X

23.01.20               Major Test/ FA-IV Begins                                                       Nur-XI

29.01.20               Major Test/ FA-IV Ends                                                                   Nur-XI

01-12.02.20                   Board Practicals

01.02.20               PTM on Preboard – IV & III & Major Test - IV                     Nur-XII

March, 20             Annual Exam (Second Week of the Month)

30.03.20               PTM on Annual Exam                                                            Nur-XII

31.03.20               Purchasing of books and other stationeries

31.03.20               Result can be obtained

01.04.20               New Academic Session (2020-21) Commences



  1. Minimum 4 PTMs must be attended by the parents/guardians in an academic session.
  2. For discussion about ward’s growth, parents can meet teachers/ Principal on prior      sought appointment over phone/mobile (01592-238503, Principal’s No.9509614841 /01592-513113) to avoid any inconvenience.
  3. Changes in calendar if any will be intimated in advance.
  4. Activities will be open/intra/inter house.
  5. Preparation can be done during activity/ zero/ arrangement/ assembly period or after school hour or at home.
  6. All the required materials for events will be arranged by the students.
  7. The school will offer plan, platform, training, support, PA system, theme, assessment etc.


For any query, feel free to contact at-

          Contact at School Nos.- 01592-238503, 9667300846

Mrs. Meena Arya, I/C Activity – 8058720733

Mr. LK Kandpal, Academic Director – 9509614841